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Above is our latest release - and my last self help book, as linked.

It's also available in an online course, which is of course, free. (What else would you do with a book about freedom?)

This blog/site continues to evolve – just as I do.

Note: This site is now static, not even a shadow of what it once was. The bulk of the posts have been reposted to other blogs. Reason being is that I've evolved in my own interests and no longer have time to maintain this. As well, Wordpress continues to give me headaches and requires too much time to tweak and update constantly.

It's been too much work to find a new home for these posts. I've put the bulk of them up on Blogger for you.

Of course, you’ll find people have been coming here to find out about phenoms such as Burt Goldman and his Quantum Jumping. These now have new homes as well.

And so, I apologize for any inconvenience. Meanwhile...

I've been continuing to write, edit, and publish books from my working Missouri farm.

Notable ones are:

“Go Thunk Yourself!” – a self-help guide

“Get Your Self Scam Free!” – obvious

“The Online Sunshine Plan” – Internet marketing guide

and a recent addition (my last self-help book)

“Freedom Is (period.)”

And my current plans are to segue over into cartoons, as I’ve been drawing these all my life and people like them – plus it brings me peace to help others smile. (Stay tuned, as this will be it’s own new site.)

Go Thunk Yourself is being prepared to host these cartoons, while Worstell Farms website is being created to showcase the work I do with grass fed beef and managed grazing.

Please visit my other "Useful Links" and related sites as linked - these are also possibly useful to you.

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My journey has been an interesting one...

For some years, most of this life, I’ve been searching for keys that would explain how life works. I traveled most of this country and have worked in so many trades and professions I lost count. Even got into and out of cults and scams as part of that education.

Eventually, I wound up back on my parent’s farm, running it on a day-to-day basis while keeping other jobs to pay my bills. I kept studying and learning, though.

The final point was finding Lester Levenson and Alan Watts. Together (on top of my "Go Thunk Yourself" research and books), I found that there was no more looking to be done. Lots of application, but I found my own peace. And, with my last book ["Freedom Is - (period.)"], I’m done with the subject. Just not cut out to be a guru or even interested in being a teacher of any sort. (The word "mystic" has the meaning of both initiate and adept. Every teacher is a student. So I just dropped the pretense.)

On my various blogs (many listed to the right) you’ll see exactly how this came about. But it’s really not that necessary. Get my books and read the short version.

Now, what I have to do in front of me is making this farm a success by raising grass fed beef cattle – and also in my oldest passion, which is drawing funny pictures which cheer people up: humorous cartoon parodies (with some caricatures on the side.)

This doesn't mean you can't talk with me as you want, and ask me questions. Any who do know to expect a huge reply with more data than you may be expecting. That's my style. Give more than I get. But also expect a real conversation, as I'll have questions for you, too.

And My Last Self Help Book Release…

Working on studying the original Levenson Release Technique materials, as this seems to be an underlying key to famous authors such as Charles Haanel, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Earl Nightingale, and a host of other Personal Improvement guru’s (alive or passed on.) And for me has been a major shift as I incorporated these basics into thpse other famous authors classic works.

Which means my 10th anniversary edition of "Go Thunk Yourself!" is written. It's been released as “Go Thunk Yourself – Revisited.” 

And now I consider the path taped, the route ready for walking – and guides at every curve to inform you of your options. You have prepared yourself up to this point and are ready to take your next step. 

This doesn’t change my concept that there is only one mountain, but many paths to its top – with Levenson added in, we now have the possibility of a certain attainment of personal freedom within a single lifetime, no matter what you chose to study on the way up.You may even find, as I have, that there was no mountain to begin with. But that's only apparent once you've reached your destination...

And so: Good Hunting!

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