Releasing Your Way to Freedom

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Lesson 07 - Releasing Your Way to Freedom


On an afternoon's walk at my parent's farm, accompanied by the two family dogs, I had an epiphany which changed my life.

And it took nearly a dozen years to sort out how it happened, how to help others to find this for themselves, as well as make it a permanent state.

Out on the farm that day, in the woods, suddenly all thought dropped away for a long moment. And I was struck with an immense peace.  Nothing in all the long years as a counselor had prepared me for such a revelation.

It didn't last forever, but it haunted me from that time forward. I wasn't even able to continue with my 20-plus year career, since all I was doing seemed pointless compared to that singular event.

I then retired without pension, to make my own way and research what I had stumbled into.

This lead through hundreds of books and recordings, and found me writing several books to organize this into a pattern anyone could follow. I knew, however, this pattern was flawed in some way. Something was incomplete.

One day, a friend sent me a copy of Lester Levenson's work, and this then solved it all.  Looking up his book "Keys to the Ultimate Freedom", as well as his earlier recordings answered all my questions - and gave me the missing puzzle piece.

The remainder of this and the following lessons are based directly on Levenson's works:

a - As you seek freedom purposely, as more important than this world we live in, all these needless and unimportant points tend to drop away.

b - Negatives and positives are just two sides of the same coin. One can't exist without the other. And you can simply move from one to the other just by your own consideration or choice.

c - The basic premise of this book is that all the Freedom you seek is inherently within you. You demonstrate this every single day - or the lack of it. All that keeps you from demonstrating this in your life - also known as manifesting or attracting -  is the agreed-upon limits you've accepted in your lifetime up to this point. Agree with this or not. Your mileage may vary.

d - The word "No" is a placeholder only. It's apparent power comes from the positive statement. NLP says that when you have this word in a sentence, the mind interprets it as a positive.  Always state things in the positive version, in order to get them into your life around you.

e - Develop your ability to concentrate. Work on a single activity or purpose at any given time. And turn off any distractive elements such as TV, radio, newspapers, and the Internet if they don't serve your forward progress toward developing your own freedom.

f - Understand Levenson's releasing techniques fully. Study various authors, but get these simple basics down to a version you can use on your own.

g - Learn to release constantly. Anything that comes up in your life, just learn to welcome and let it go.

h - Take no other example or anyone else's life experience as a standard or goal for yourself. Be true to yourself.

i - When you run out of material to release, and the world around you is perfect all the time, answer, "What Am I?"

j - Huna, Hill, and Nightingale say your world is exactly as you think it to be, how you create it. So you should be responsible as you can be, and release that which doesn't give you peace or more freedom - or allow you to let your freedom or peace shine more.

- - - -

In the text for this lesson, I include a succinct sequence to learn to release, for any who have not run across Sedona Method or Release Technique before.

And of course, there are accompanying assignments for your use and practice. But I'll leave you with a simple approach to living a more peaceful life:

The next time you feel like doing something to someone that you wouldn't like having happen to you - try this:

1. Pause for a moment.

2. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth - slowly. Take several if you want.

3. Then just accept that emotion which is coming in. Let it really show up in full - don't act on it, just let it be.

4. Then see if you can simply let it go, release it.

5. Now, go ahead and treat that person the way you'd like it.




This is a long section of text. Now I also cover it in Lesson 12, so you can skip ahead to that lesson in order to apply this below:

Basics of Releasing

This is just a record of the basics for you to refer to if you haven't done releasing before, and a refresher if you have.

Actually, if you go to any of the various Levenson releasing technique sites, you'll find all the basics you could want. Additionally, you can get free downloads and materials, including CD's, which will cover this in far more detail and with examples.

The simplicity is just these two actions:

1. Accepting what is,

2. Letting it Go.

The ultimate goal is wanting Freedom more than you want the World. This will take you right on out to a high level of personal enlightenment.

As some had difficulty with this, the World was broken down into 4 singular "wantings" you use to relate with that World around you:

- Wanting Control

- Wanting Approval

- Wanting Security

- Wanting Separation and-or Oneness

Of course, use the below steps to release what you find as you find it. Practice will make this easier.

And remember - you can't do this wrong, you can't screw it up. No one is looking over your shoulder and giving you a grade on your performance. What happens when you release is only what happens for you.  So be easy on yourself and do only what you can when you can. You'll make it eventually, regardless.

The six steps were revised from Levenson's own original series. But were changed only to make them more workable. Again, these are laid out in more detail through any of the various books and recordings you can find. Even videos online will explain these more.

The six steps of releasing are:

1. You must want freedom more than you want approval, control, security, or separation/oneness.

2. Decide that you can release in the moment.

3. Notice what you are feeling in the moment, and determine which of the four wants underlies that feeling, and then let the feeling go.  But don't hold onto a feeling if it's already gone in order to determine what want was present.

4. Release constantly, regardless of what you are doing or who you are with.

5. If you feel "stuck", then simply let go of that stuck-feeling, or wanting to change that "stuckness".

6. Every time you release, you will probably feel lighter, happier, and freer. Often you need to release on any exhilaration you feel - so you can keep releasing.

You can make a chart of the four needs and the six steps to keep in your wallet or purse or pocket - until you know them by heart and are able to release easily.

A simple way to do this is to notice when some emotional thought has come in to your awareness. Don't try to figure on it or solve it - just look for what emotion comes in with it. Now, look below that to find out what of the four wants would use that emotion. Then see if you could let the whole thing go.

There are many examples of how to do this, and several techniques which have been developed. Again, you can access the various web sites listed in Lesson 12 video and the appendix of this book for more guidance. In addition to their paid courses, they also have many free explanations and downloadable examples of how releasing works.

Your assignment is to simply incorporate releasing into your daily review times. At least at first. You'll find releasing to be a very valuable tool for use all during the day, once you get the hang of it.

For right now, as you consider your goal - and holding that you already have it - if or when any other thought comes in, trace it back to the feeling or emotion it contains and then right back to the underlying want or desire. Then see if you can let that whole package go.

Keep doing this until you feel better about it and back to being calmly cheerful and expectant as a regular attitude.

Releasing is what makes Hill, Nightingale, and all the rest really start to work like gangbusters for you. So feel free to splurge on this!


Stay tuned for Lesson 08...

Where we'll find what happens when you learn how to have a "calm, cheerful, impertubable life"...