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Lesson 08 - What This Can Mean For You


Practically, you'll see as we go down this line, that there isn't any reason people haven't actually and already used this to master their own lives.

This high level of living - of letting your real Freedom and Peace shine out all the time - and can be simply attained. When you do, there is little that you feel you have to give a hoot about. The phrase, completely hootless, describes this state. It's also known by terms such as imperturbable, unflappable, courageousness, acceptance.

Now, Levenson's approach has been known and being used since the 1970's. And as it's possible for any person to become completely hootless in three months or less, it's more than likely that many people have gone ahead and done this.

Of course, they aren't worried or concerned about getting approval for what they've done, or even using this to control others. They just live calm, cheerful, imperturbable lives.

For today's lesson, we have several points to review.

1. Levenson said, "Don't release to get high - get high to release."

The point here is not to get stuck into your successes and the bliss which can show up from releasing. Instead, concentrate on releasing daily so that you do it in an intensive basis as possible. Full time is recommended. This gets you into a high energy level so that you can release more deeply-seated desires - and so blow whole chunks of endless thinkingness which has tied up your native abilities for so long.

2. Your importances may be unimportant.

A lot of people push this point of "knowing and following a basic life purpose."  And of course Hill has a "Burning Desire" as a top point.

However, these two are different, not identical. Having a vision or a goal of something you want to accomplish is one thing. Having a set series of actions or some thing you "have to do" is completely another.

Because you can work from insatiable desires and feel driven to accomplish something. Many do. But release these basic desires and see if you still are  driven - or are you driving your own life?

3. Get everything you want by giving it all away.

When you really take apart the Golden Rule - by any of its myriad names and descriptions - you'll see that you can really only get the treatment you want by first giving that treatment to others openhandedly and in advance.

Check it out for yourself. When is a person most loved? When they are unconditionally loving. When is a person richest? When he is working to ensure people around him are becoming more abundant in their own lives.

That will start unlimited peace - the kind that exists beyond all understanding - to show up in your own life.

4. How to make your own luck is simple - just release all the reasons and negative emotions which are keeping that from showing up.

If you're new to releasing, this seems a bit far-fetched. But the world around you is just as you consider it. If you hold onto negative thoughts, feelings, and desires - then you will never get anything but those negatives.

So make it a practice of daily - several times a day - release on whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish, or acquire, or attain for yourself or others. Look for what's holding you back and then simply let it go. That action makes luck.

5. The Universe is one big joke - be the punchline, not the butt of it.

As you keep releasing, you find yourself more and more un-serious about life. Because less and less has any drastic effect on you. Life becomes calm, even serene, and you find more and more to be honestly cheerful about - as you start getting all your joy from within and no longer have to have others cheer you up or make you smile.

You'll find that you are smiling a great deal more - and that you are more interested in helping other people find their own smile and their own joy.

The universe becomes the joke - but we all know why it's funny.

6. Getting Rid of Nagging Worries is Easy

You've probably already guessed it. Worry is a thought with feeling behind it. Find out what you are trying to change or won't get approval for, or can't control, or makes you unsafe or insecure. Release all of these.

No more worry. And as you keep this up, you'll find all the other various reasons you ever started to worry and release those again. None of these come back when you clear them back to basic.

And you may find that the past doesn't haunt you any more. It's now simply a record of what happened, the lessons you learned. You start living exclusively in the Now, which becomes a very quiet and peaceful place.

Again - I'm not here to teach you. Try this releasing stuff the next time you worry and see if it doesn't help.

Your choice. As usual.




Now that you are familiar with releasing, we can really start to have some fun with life.

You now have been having your goal and plan in front of you every day, several times each day. And this alone has helped you make progress toward it. As Hill covers, you may have revised this plan a few times by now - you can tweak it as much as you want to make it more efficient.

Incorporating releasing into this makes it all more interesting.

This week, consider your goal and your general life progress from the points of this lesson:

1. Don't release to get high, get high to release.

Use releasing to help you maintain a calm, cheerful expectancy that your goal is already achieved. When you find yourself with any non-optimal emotion or feeling hanging around - just see if you can let it go.

2. Your importances may be unimportant.

Look to see if there is anything about your goal or your planning is dependent on "have to do's". These stem mostly from basic "wants" which we all have. Some are based on good manners and common sense. It's key to sort out if you are "having" to do something, from something which will foreward your goal. One key here is "when in doubt, release." If something won't release, it's probably some truth that you need to examine more carefully. Get releasing into an all-the-time, always-on basis.

3. Get everything you want by giving it all away.

Are you helping people around you with their goals? How could you help them more? You see this in Haanel, Wattles, and Huna - if you want to make your own life easier, help to ease others' lives. Golden Rule and all that. Review your daily actions and your planning to see if you have some points of simply giving openhanded help whenever you can. Of course, this also includes charitable donations, but action is best. Donate your precious time and see if this doesn't help you find more time in  your life for achieving your own goals. Help others unexpectedly and see if you don't suddenly find some unexpected help arriving in your life.

4. Make your own luck.

Simply start releasing any negative thought or emotion that comes up. If what you are experiencing doesn't help you achieve your goal, if it doesn't help you be calm and cheerfully expectant - than see if you can just let it go. Look over what is happening in your life and see if these aren't actually unexpected opportunities...

5. Be the punchline of the Universe's Joke.

You will find with releasing that it's easy to stay upbeat and positive. Because you just release anything that comes in which isn't. And so, you find more and more to uplift you. If something or someone "gets you going", then pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and release that emotion with it. Then release anything else that came in as a result. As you practice this, you'll be able to quickly move back to center with that calm, cheerful expectancy that guides your success. Help others with this as well - and they'll be able to become more cheeful as they do.

6. Get Rid of Nagging Worries.

Some thought of a past situation that keeps coming up is really just telling you that there's something else you can now release on. Welcome that worry-thought and accept it.  Don't resist it or put it off. See the "want" which is below it, then see if you can simply let it go. Get this in as a regular action as you move through your day and implement your plan. Remember, you've been a success from the first time you wrote down that goal.


Stay Tuned for Lesson 09...


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