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Lesson 03 - Charles F. Haanel - Understand the Universal System


A completely self-made success, Charles Hannel started and built companies in the US and Mexico, all before the cusp of 1900 had turned. And his success in these would have been unremarkable but for the fact he sat down to figure out and write up a breakthrough correspondence course so that anyone with tuition could also learn to succeed in their own lives.

Even Napoleon Hill thanked Haanel in a letter, where he stated the success of his Foundation was due to using Haanel's principles laid out in his Master Key System.

My own understanding of Haanel is that he laid out a complete understanding of the Universe in this one volume. And while he wrote several more books, none achieved the success of this masterwork.

There is never room to try to shrink an entire book and its 24 lessons into a single video.  Much less one which tells the secrets to how this world around us actually functions.

But here is a very short summary:

1. Anything is possible to achieve or acquire, if you only develop the consciousness to understand them.

2. Any problems or difficulties or situations are simply the ignorance of the laws of nature.

3. The individual can act on the Universal - thinking in the mind as the cause, and your life experiences as effect.

4. There is a single indication of what you are - it's your mind and how you use it.

5. This is a creative age we live in - and those who are using their mind to consider new thoughts are receiving the richest rewards.

6. Any degree of Health, Success, Prosperity, or anything else you want is already yours.

7. All through our long written and verbal history, humankind has always believed in an invisible, infinite power - through which all was created and being continually re-created.

8. The fascinating basis for the mind is that all your thinking is governed by one unchanging law.

9. In order to change conditions around you, you have to change yourself. Your world around you is the result of your past thinking.

10. Nothing happens without a definite cause.

11. Every result, every effect in this universe is the result of a cause.

12. "You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do."

13. Just as physical science has created amazing inventions that have improved our quality of living, we  can now see the basics of a spiritual science - which has the capacity for routinely creating even more amazing effects in our lives.

14.  To the exact degree you think creative and constructive thoughts - these start evolving into fact around you.

15. You are surrounded by a Universe which is everywhere, which records every thought placed in it, which has potential to create any effect.

16. Wealth is an effect, not a cause. It only shows the value of what you've been doing and exchanging with others.

17. As you consider, as you concentrate, you are developing an Ideal. The quality of this ideal determines the outcome you'll arrive at.

18. You can now consider that as no person is an island in this stream of living, we all are interconnected and interrelated.

19. While fear, and other self-limiting thoughts, are able to paralyze the body into inaction - this is just a thought and usually transient.

20. Around you and encompassing every cell of your body is Life.

21. As there are laws of the physical - gravity, for example - there are also laws of the spiritual.

22. Your health is dependent on your thoughts - how you use your mind.

23. Money is only a symbol which represents the valuable service you give to friends and those around you.

24. All the very practical points of creating and fulfilling every possible need have been laid out for you.

Practically, the entire world has just been opened up to you. You now know the laws which govern all life - how these work and how you can use them.

It is now up to you to put them to use.  And create the world of your dreams around you.



1. Today's assignment is a longer one. Studying the wealth of data Haanel left us in his “Master Key System” was originally it's own 24-week correspondence course. While it's a worthy study all on it's own, let's just get familiar with the key data.

Go over each of the 24 points and find examples in your own life and that of others around you. Find whether you can agree with these data or not. See if you can find how to use these to improve your goals and the planning you've already created from last week's lesson.

This can be done over several days, taking a few points each day to find examples – in your own thoughts, in your workplace, in your home, or the general environment around you.

2.  Meanwhile, in your daily review sessions (morning, noon, and evening), see if these new data don't provide you with insight you can use to improve your own plans and projects that you are undertaking to achieve your Burning Desire. 

Stay tuned for Lesson 04...

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