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Lesson 12 - Additional Resources - Bonus


Just wanted to give you this simple description of how easy releasing is, and a single lesson which has all the necessary data for you.

No assignment today. Give yourself some approval - and maybe a nice big dessert for getting through all this.

Now you know everything you need. But your path is still your own to create.

Good Luck!

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Basics of Releasing


This is just a record of the basics for you to refer to if you haven't done releasing before, and a refresher if you have.

Actually, if you go to any of the various Levenson releasing technique sites, you'll find all the basics you could want. Additionally, you can get free downloads and materials, including CD's, which will cover this in far more detail and with examples.

The simplicity is just these two actions:

1. Accepting what is,

2. Letting it Go.

The ultimate goal is wanting Freedom more than you want the World. This will take you right on out to a high level of personal enlightenment.

As some had difficulty with this, the World was broken down into 4 singular "wantings" you use to relate with that World around you:

- Wanting Control

- Wanting Approval

- Wanting Security

- Wanting Separation and-or Oneness

The Wanting Control  is often typified by frustration or impatience with people around us, as they simply aren't doing what we want them to do - or vice-versa. Like wanting a slow driver in front of you to speed up, for instance. Or talking to the TV and telling someone how they should change some behavior you noticed them doing.

Wanting Approval is a very common scene - popularity contests, or resentment at not being chosen for a team - any of these keep us stuck to behaviors where we are acting to please someone, or that we think others should get our OK before they do anything.

Wanting Security is far more basic. And needing to control or get approval is held in place by this. This unease is present with any time we are job hunting, or our position with a company or in life is threatened. Of course, this brings a lot more stress into our lives where we aren't in a peace-time activity. But it can also be the annoyance of a power outage, or bills you have to pay.

Wanting Separation or Oneness is ever present, but we are not usually aware of it. Wanting to be part of a group is of course a factor in wanting approval, but more basic. Wanting to "get away from it all" is the reverse - but is very basic. And might be the reason we have to have vacations at all. It's also the point of having people recognize your individuality.

There are definite feelings associated with all of these wants. As you start discovering these wants, you will see common feelings show up on certain ones. There may even be locations in the body where you have physical sensations when these feelings and wants occur.

Of course, use the below steps to release what you find as you find it. Practice will make this easier.

And remember - you can't do this wrong, you can't screw it up. No one is looking over your shoulder and giving you a grade on your performance. What happens when you release is only what happens for you.  So be easy on yourself and do only what you can when you can. You'll make it eventually, regardless.

The six steps were revised from Levenson's own original series. But were changed only to make them more workable. Again, these are laid out in more detail through any of the various books and recordings you can find. Even videos online will explain these more.

The six steps are:

1. You must want freedom more than you want approval, control, security, or separation/oneness.

2. Decide that you can release in the moment.

3. Notice what you are feeling in the moment, and determine which of the four wants underlies that feeling, and then let the feeling go.  But don't hold onto a feeling if it's already gone in order to determine what want was present.

4. Release constantly, regardless of what you are doing or who you are with.

5. If you feel "stuck", then simply let go of that stuck-feeling, or wanting to change that "stuckness".

6. Every time you release, you will probably feel lighter, happier, and freer. Often you need to release on any exhilaration you feel - so you can keep releasing.

You can make a chart of the four needs and the six steps to keep in your wallet or purse or pocket - until you know them by heart and are able to release easily.

The idea is that you keep going with this line of practice until you can release instantaneously and near-automatically, any time you experience a negative or adverse feeling in your life.

Again, get the published material on this, or see some videos until these make perfect sense to you. You may even want to buy some of the intro materials or courses that these sites offer. Or attend seminars. What you do with this is up to you and what you want to achieve with your life.

Your Freedom Is. Period.

- - - -


You've now reached the end of these lessons. However you have studied this, you now have had exposure to the most advanced self-help material available at this time.

From here on out, it is your spiritual training which will need your attention. Because this particular line-up of authors – if studied fully and completely – can get you anything and everything you want in life.

The next question is: what do you do when you can get everything, and don't even have to ask for it in order to have it show up?

This answer you are going to have to find from your spiritual training and exploration.

To a greater degree, you have already been exposed to this with Lester Levenson, and the instruction of asking yourself “What Am I?”  Once you have the answer to that question, your path will be walked, your journey complete.

Now, that isn't to say you can't go back to just doing what you were doing before.  There is a tradition Alan Watts talks about in his lectures, where Zen Masters would simply return to the trade they were doing before they undertook Zen training.

And it's encouraged that you study Watts' many lectures, as well as other spiritual books and lectures to become more versed with this very interesting world of the spiritually-free.

While this book and the authors we mention here all cover how to get anything you want to have, attain, acquire, or accomplish – you'll also find that you've been moved up into a highly efficient state of doing. Factually, you'll find that any task you set yourself to, any skill you want to learn, any art or trade you'd like to master – all of these now become exceedingly simple.

The next goal is to resolve your own personal beingness, which you also are well on your way towards.

Another author I would personally recommend at this point is Thomas Troward. While a judge in India during the colonial days, Troward was able to study all the major religions' texts in their own language. Decidedly Christian in outlook, he nevertheless was able to digest this material into commonalities and produce a logical review of this universal material. The study of Troward is one where each paragraph must be digested on its own, due as well to the English of the 1800's and also the sheer logic he uses to investigate each area.

I wish you all the best possible. And hope to meet with you one day .

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