Here are the (free) Freedom Is Lessons

- probably the last self-help course you will ever need to complete...


While I used to give these away for an email address, in the hopes of doing additional marketing for other materials to you, I've quit in that quest. Now I just give away these lessons.

 And where I could say something really pithy and insightful here, I won't. Your path up your own mountain is for you to decide. It won't include me harping at you to buy products or programs which can help you with that.  Neither of us need that.

Why this is here

My job  has been simply to

  1. Find a path
  2. Write it up
  3. Tell people how to find it

Nothing more, really.

And I don't say that this is the best job out there, or that you couldn't find one which better suits you.

In fact, you have to. Because this is not your path, it's just a path.

How you end up reaching that state of enlightenment, that state of endless and fathomless peace - that's up to you.

More than likely, you'll probably find (like the professor at the beginning of the book) that the path you use to climb up the mountain never existed.

But that's getting way ahead of myself.

The bottom line is that here is a book and a series of lessons you can use to improve your life forever.

And it's your choice to  take it or not.

Most people won't finish this course

It's just what passes for human nature these days. While I could explain this at length, I'm only going to tell you here that this is now all laid out for you, like your path is and always has been right under your feet.

If you want to make some real progress, you will. If you consider that your path has to take all this life, several lifetimes, or could just be over in a minute - it will be.

And that is also just the way humankind is programmed. Always has been, in fact.

It's up to you, as always. It's always been your choice.

That includes both finding this page on the ever-widening Internet, and also whether you allow the Internet and life in general to distract you from re-acquiring your own freedom, peace, and abundance.

So you'll have to get what you can out of this course - all by yourself.

Like that's ever been different...

Look the honest-to-God fact is that until you read this book, you are just getting a bare introduction to the subject.

And I don't even tell people anymore about this subject in the way I did in this book, or in these lessons.

Because I've moved on to some even more fascinating materials - which ultimately led me to the point of shutting down this auto-emailed course and simply letting you get on with your life.  For if you need more structure, then you probably don't need this book - or me, for that matter.

The world turns, and we all move on.

If you want to follow where I've headed, Get this "Freedom Is" book and study it until you thoroughly undertand it.  Next, finish off "Winning Your infinite Future" with more thorough study (it's a free download). At that point, look up the Thrivelearning System. You'll find a lot of material out there on this if you look that exact phrase up on the web - not accidental on my part. Because those programs are the ones I've studied and have helped me. And it would have been what I tell you to try.

I just happen to think I don't need to stand by you and remind you all that much. Those of you who really want to succeed right now, will. And everyone else will succeed eventually - and are succeeding right now. But I'm not going to keep telling you to speed up. We both have better things to do...

Here are the Lessons - Good Luck!

Lesson 0: Introduction and Forward

Lesson 1: Dale Carnegie - Certainty is Key

Lesson 2: Napoleon Hill - Fuel a Burning Desire

Lesson 3: Charles Haanel - Understand a Universal System

Lesson 4: Wallace Wattles - Give Value in Excess

Lesson 5: Earl Nightingale - Know the Strangest Secret

Lesson 6: Serge Kahili King - Life Lessons from Long Ago

Lesson 7: Releasign Your Way to Freedom

Lesson 8: What This Can Mean For You

Lesson 9: The World Is Just as You Create It

Lesson 10: Ultimate Freedom is Already Within You

Lesson 11: Summary and Action Steps

Lesson 12: Additional Resources - Bonus

 And so - as I've often said, and continue to do so,

Good Hunting!