Lesson 10. Summary – and where to from here?

Summary of blogging lessons - make money onlineThe reason I set this up for all of you was to not only help you set up your own Life-Stream blog and help you help online scammers reform, but to also give you the tools you need which can start promoting your own business online.

What I’ve told you here isn’t found in any one place anywhere else. And as I said in the introduction, most people will never utilize all of this. And I don’t expect you to. I’m a bit of an odd character – very intensely prolific in any particular direction I aim at. So I’ve included more stuff here than I can even get put to use easily.

But all the stuff you see here has been tested and works.

What’s omitted are the most effective posts which were used by some to get refunds from these scammers. (These aren't now needed, since 100% of those people got their refunds, and the scam company, as predicted, has faded away and nearly ready to close.) These worked because that company was more concerned with their online brand and their Google standings than really servicing people and helping them improve their lives.

I recently found someone who posted a video about that company's video collection - his opinion was that what they were telling you to do wouldn’t actually get the job done. A lot of your "homework assignment"  was dated and misleading. And you'd have to do an intense amount of study on your own to find out what really worked. Meaning, you’d have to take additional (and expensive) training just to get to where you wanted to be to begin with. (Unfortunately, that guy was just pushing his own scam - just a 10th of the cost of the scammer company he videoed about.)

The reason I posted these  - and why I repost these now - is to give you the benefit of the research I had to do because of the various attacks these scammers launched at me and my friends. That a handful of people were able to get their own Justice, and that these scammers are being picked over by others now like vultures on roadkill is no really satisfying consequence. There were thousands who just took their lumps and paid off their credit cards without even whimpering. Those who did hit the forums and complained to their Attorney General ultimately helped this company effectively close its doors.

Basic point being is that you are going to do quite some study to learn all this. I hope these lessons have given you a "leg up" for next to nothing. You don't need to be spending thousands on training when you can do it all for nothing. But time is money, so these lessons are just to help you get on the road as fast as possible. 

Your training will continue from here. There are lots of good people out there who definitely want you to succeed. 

I suggest you get the "Get Your Self Scam Free" book or at least do the free online lessons for this - in order that you are able to quickly sort out the scams from the real stuff. (Again, this scammer mindset says: thousands of people paying thousands with minimal refunds. Don't fall for another one like I did. Then I researched and wrote that book so you don't have to.)

What should you do with this now?
Anything you want. I’d suggest giving it away to as many people you find that need it. Just pay it forward as many times as you can. Because these lessons from the original over-long essay contains the basics of how to help any community reform a corporation (or government) and it’s products (or lack of them).

About this point is where I should give some promotional pitch so you can sign up for other services, or buy a book, or download a video, or something. And I do now have a book about starting and/or expanding a business online. And what I do have to offer otherwise can be found at my various blogs and sites. There are a lot more lessons on this site that you can take, gratis. Or just look me up on Lulu.com – it’s not all that well organized, but there is a lot there to browse around in. (You’ll note that I was working on researching how to market books online before I met up with these scammers.)

And if you want professional assistance with making your online efforts remunerative and effective, I suggest both Site Build It! and Social Media Science. (See "Online Business" tab above.)

So these lessons are my gift to you – and I hope it won’t be my last.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help, your encouragement, and the opportunity to help you. I’ve enjoyed emailing and talking with each of you – and hope we continue to do so indefinitely in the future.

Good Luck – and Good Hunting!


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