What A Real Online Business consists of – and why you should care…

Work from home and make money online. Right.

(Not everyone has the ability to have a home office like the one pictured – but we can dream, can’t we?)

First, you can't get there from here...

There is every reason to want to work from home.  However, you probably won't find the answer to this in what is currently called "Internet Marketing". Because you will spend a lot of money on stuff that is reported to work -- but only for a very small handful of people (like the people who sold you the package). 

97% of the people who buy in won't actually complete the course or build what they are supposed to. 97% of those who do finish won't make their money back. And of the ones who can actually get return on their investment, only about 3% (by now, that's .0009% of the total signups) will actually become those outrageous successes you see on the info-mercials.

This has been found over and over again, in the actual "successes" and in the scams. When there is a worthwhile service company out there (and there are a very few) they spend the majority of their time just getting their clients to actually finish the course they purchased. 

Scams, in my experience, simply "fulfill" their end of the contract and pocket the dough. They are happy that this very tiny amount of people actually do make it - and use those rare few as examples to show everyone that this is possible. And that is why they are scams.

The real data you will find in the oldest self-help and success books you can find. But read several dozen and compare notes. Forget anything written or recorded in the last two decades at least (I'd personally say to end off with Earl Nightingale, who grew up poor during the Depression and had three successful careers without ever being broke again.)

You want to narrow down the reasons businesses and individuals succeed. Period. 

And once you have this all figured out, then making a (nother) fortune on the Internet is no problem. 

Because the basics are the basics.  They don't get any more important or effective because they are being spouted by some "guru" today or if they are a thousand years old (and I can tell you where to find some of those latter...)

But I can tell you this forever. You need to take these lessons and then decide for yourself. 


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Because just buying more stuff on how to do Internet Marketing isn't really going to get you anywhere. Except broke. 

Take some time and learn the basics for almost nothing, from someone who's already weeded out the noise and nonsense from what really works. 

And if I find the time, I'll get accompanying CD's created (each just chock ful of data) so you can have the "wealth" of "conventional wisdom" available on the Internet.

Good Hunting!


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