Some Interesting Lessons in Life

Big Cities don't hold any answer to Modern Life Problems

I've been there, done that.

Well, at least as far as the lessons I've put on these pages. 

And since I've finally found my own path up my own mountain, I thought that I should gather all these many lessons I've created along the way and put them all up. What better than to host them in one spot?

Now these are all e-mail opt-in's. Meaning you give me your email and I send the lessons to you. Since I hate spam as much or more than you, I simply do not ever, ever give, sell, or lend any email addresses I have to anyone. And you can opt-out at any time.

The reason for email lessons is so you get the maximal learning you can from these.  And allow me to send you related material that I think you may find interesting. 

These lessons I had to learn the hard way. And in various places, I've also told you some of the stories that go along with them. But I wanted you to not have to go through what I did in order to make your way through life. Stand on my shoulders, if you will, so you can see further (without having to slog through the stuff I have.)

What you will also find here are the rare few services I endorse. Yes, when you sign up with them, they pay me for sending them clients. That's the way this world works. And how I cover my bandwidth and other expenses to bring these lessons to you.

The other products I offer you are my various books. I've researched, written, edited, and published a lot - just so people could help themselves with the data I found. All in nice formats people can use. 

I'm now moving on to my real passions, which are cartoon parodies and meanwhile raising grass fed beef cattle on a Missouri Farm.

Now, from time to time, I may update these lessons. And add to them (as long as I don't run out of space).

But I pretty much figure that I'm done with these areas and am now turning what I know over to you so you can improve your life if you want.

As always, it's entirely your choice.

Have fun!

What you can find here:

I offer several online courses delivered by email through these pages - all based on the rigors I've gone through in the last 10 years of working online every minute I could. This was all to both wrap up research into our humankind condition ("Freedom Is - period."), learning Internet Marketing, as well as setting up and running a blog ("The Online  Sunshine Plan"), and getting scammed and getting out of it for good ("Get Your Self Scam Free").

Here's the links to pages where you can sign up for these free online email courses:

How to start up and run you own blog.

How to actually make money online through Internet Marketing.

How to get your self scam free.

How to get your personal freedom back.

And I also recommend a host of self-help books you can purchase from my Lulu storefront.

Good Hunting...